Saturday, March 12, 2011



Luke Nero by: AUSTIN YOUNGThe Unveiling – March 12th, 2011

I want to take your portrait! YOUR FACE HERE by Austin Young opening Jan 29 at Pop tART Gallery This exhibition marks a rare and glamorous moment when Young will generously open his lens onto the public. The opening is Jan. 29th at Pop tART Gallery. There will be mini-makeovers and portrait sessions at the opening so come dressed in your finest or nothing at all. For the duration of the exhibition, Young will establish his art studio for a 5 week residency at Pop tART Gallery. The artist will be present during gallery hours for portrait sittings, which will eventually fill the walls of the gallery. The public is invited to participate as the subject of the exhibition through the purchase of the pop cultural real estate of the gallery walls. Participation extends beyond simply sitting for a portrait – it will be a collaborative process where the participants determine the portrait’s size and placement. Valet or street parking. Opening night performance by Killsonic!

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  1. wow sounds amazing wish i lived around there to come see it. wishing you lots of success with the project

    Everyday Life